Membership Application

OneCity is a political party and progressive voice for people and communities in Vancouver. We focus on affordable housing, climate justice, better transportation, childcare, a sustainable economy and a strong public education system. We are working for an inclusive, vibrant, and affordable city, a city for everyone, not just a few.

As an organization, we practice respectful and positive engagement. We are committed to transparent and cooperative decision-making, and value all voices, especially young and new voices.

If OneCity sounds like a political organization that you want to be a part of, complete this form to become a member. Members of OneCity agree to support the values, policies, and programs of OneCity, and commit to actively participating in the organization’s activities. Members are eligible to run for executive committee after one year’s membership and are eligible to vote for the executive committee after 6 months membership.

Values Statement

Please take a moment to review and agree to the OneCity Values Statement. Our values statement underlies our work as an organization, and we require all our members to participate in accordance with them. Failure to work according to these values may result in termination of membership.

 The following principles will guide us in all of our work:

OneCity acknowledges that we live and do our political work in Vancouver on the traditional, unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsel-Waututh peoples. We recognize that the racist and violent practices of colonialization have had devastating impacts on these communities and that their effects continue to this day. The ongoing resistance of and victories achieved by indigenous communities offer us vital lessons about how to do our own political work that align with principles of social justice and reconciliation. We voice our solidarity with these resilient communities.

Our focus is on environmental and climate justice, a sustainable economy, social justice, affordability and equity. We believe our social and cultural lives should be integrated with our political lives.

We are committed to transparent and cooperative decision-making. We may disagree but we view disagreements as opportunities for strengthening our understanding of one another’s perspectives and as moments to build our organization;

We practice respectful and positive engagement. We recognize that we are all learning and that we always have something to learn from one another;

We want to build diverse and equitable communities in Vancouver. We embrace each other’s differences in experience and perspectives and see this as a strength in building an inclusive community;

We are a progressive voice for people and communities.We strive to create an environment that welcomes participation and engagement from as many people as possible;

We are working for an inclusive, vibrant and affordable city, a city for everyone not just a few. We acknowledge the variety of obstacles facing members of our organization and residents of our city that are both institutional and systemic and we commit ourselves to working against these obstacles in all their forms.

We are a movement of social change. We undertake, together, to build a kinder, more just, more equitable city.

Membership Fee

Memberships are $10 annually. We are able to waive the membership fee for individuals who are unable to pay. For those who are able, please consider supporting OneCity’s work with a larger donation or an ongoing, monthly donation.

Contributions are not tax deductible.